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What You Need To Know About Colon Cleanse

The main function of the large intestine, aside from storage is to absorb water and salt from feces. Maybe you have a lot of background information about colon health issues and the different methods employed in the process. One of the most used and popular procedure in colon cleansing is the seven day colon cleanse program.

If you have never been in a colon cleansing program, it is very important that you have sufficient information and how can it be beneficial to your body and your overall health. Contrary to old belief, the bowel movements do not remove all feces entirely.

The restoration and maintenance of your overall health is generally dependent on the state of your digestion. Thus, colon cleansing is very essential when you want to have a healthy digestion and better lifestyle. In its simplest sense, colon cleansing improves the digestive systemís ability of breaking food particles, absorption of nutrients, water and salt and smooth elimination of fecal wastes. The end result of a successful colon cleansing is more energy and vigor.

Since colon cleansers focus on the colon itself it tends to give faster results. However, both procedures are employed to remove harmful body toxins from our body. They main benefits of a colon cleanser is that it aids you in losing weight, increase your bodyís energy, cleansing your whole digestive system, breaks down fecal wastes accumulated in the colon, reduces bloating, decreases water retention and it maintains the smooth operation and functions of your colon and the rest of your body.

There are many methods of taking out these fecal waste build up in our colon. One of the easiest procedures is the combination of fiber rich food into your daily diet.

The best sources of fibers are grains, fruits and vegetables. However you can also take fiber supplements that are available in the market today.

Colon cleansing kits that are being marketed in the internet is not recommended by most dietitians and nutritionists. They are effective but they are expensive. The main ingredient of these cleansing products is licorice root, dandelion root or psyllium husk. These organic materials are very high in fiber. You donít need to pay at least a hundred dollars just to get a high intake of fiber. You can buy these ingredients in any health stores.

Nutritionists and dietitians suggest that colon congestion is a common result from different factors such as:

1. Colon parasites
2. Digestive overload from unhealthy foods such as red meat, junk foods, soda, white flour products and many more
3. Eating in a hurry
4. Lack of proper sleep
5. Lack of nutrients essential to digestive health such as fiber and water

Sometimes, the toxins taken out from colon cleansing flows in the skin resulting from rashes, acne and flu-like symptoms. Only a medical doctor or a colon specialist can say whether a person should undergo a colon cleansing procedure or the normal side effects.

It is also wise to note that the toxins that are released and taken out may take time than the actual fecal buildup, thus it is not recommended to keep on using the same colon cleanser just to experience less lethargy or shinier hair. If you would wait for that time, it might lead to another health problem as too much laxatives in your body is not good.


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