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The Best Colon Cleanse

Some health problems such as kidney infection, bladder disorders, constipation, yeast infection, body odor, and stomach pain are attributed to unhealthy colon. No wonder, colon cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer deaths in the United States.

The colon or the large intestine is the body’s fuel station and the waste management department. There are two main functions of the colon. It can clean the colon through getting rid of toxins or accumulated fecal wastes and absorption of water, salt, and other minerals that are not absorbed in the small intestine.

In the colon, water is extracted out and absorbed from food particles. This leaves food particles that are undigested, bad bacteria, hormone wastes, bile acids, unused mucus and dead cells that have been removed from the intestinal lining. Some bacteria can also spread toxins if the bowel movement is not regular. An average adult human is recommended to eliminate wastes at least two or three a day.

There are other causes of indigestion and constipation aside from the known causes. These reasons include food components, lack of regular exercise and excessive dosage of synthetic drugs. A colon that is properly functioning is very important to the overall wellness of your body. Aside from the symptoms, an individual can also have skin problems, muscle pains and joint pains. Most people have intestinal problems but are generally unaware.

To prevent health problems, everyone are recommended to undergo a regular colon cleanse at least twice a year. There are five major methods that you can employ to clean your colon such as colon irrigation, organic supplements, laxatives, enema and oxygen-based colon cleansers.

One of the most effective colon cleansing method is through an oxygen-based colon cleanser. Through the oxygen process, the accumulated fecal wastes are destroyed. These oxygen-based products decrease the toxic mass and are liquefied.

Oxygen is released into the blood vessels and flushes out accumulated toxic wastes from the colon. Through a smooth release of the oxygen, this process creates a harmful environment for bacteria that causes toxicity in the colon. These toxins are removed from the body, while good bacteria remain to aid in the proper digestion.

Fiber-based products have psyllium ingredients that scrape beneficial matters out through the center of the blocked colon, this also cleanse the entire colon. By cleaning the colon totally, bowel movements return to normal.

Colon cleansing needs time, if you are working, try starting your regimen during Friday evening so that it will be finished in the weekend. Better yet, you can ask for a vacation leave since rigorous activities will have significant effects on the colon cleanse process such as gastric distress, painful bowel movements and even nausea.

While in the process of cleansing, it is recommended that you should eat the right amount of healthy foods, preferably fruits and vegetables. Make an effort in preparing these foods because it greatly helps in the process. Before doing anything, you should consult your doctor and ask for your health concerns, side effects and symptoms while undergoing a colon process.

Some signs and symptoms of an unhealthy colon could include fatigue, energy loss, painful bowels, and flatulence, acne, eczema and yeast infections. Since colon health is very important in the overall wellness of the body, it is wise to read some information first before you sign up a colon cleansing treatment.


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