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Is Colon Cleanse Real?

Maybe you have heard of colon cleansing. Then there are numerous products being introduced in the television and the internet offering to get rid of the toxins and wastes that is clinging in the lining of your large intestines. Some colon cleansers claim that they can clean your colon in just three days, while there are some which can take as long as a number of weeks.

Also other will jeer at the idea that your digestive system can be cleansed in such a short time and instead they will offer to work the process in as long as a month. For some producers it is not enough considering the numerous follow-up treatments needed.

Then, who decides when your colon is clean? How can we be sure that our colon is really cleansed when we canít see our colons? The answers will surprise you since many producers of colon cleanser products falsely claims that a single product can clean the colon of everyone. This misconception has resulted to serious health problems for people who have special cases. Manufacturers often employ aggressive marketing and scare tactics encouraging consumers to take excessive amounts of their products.

Colon cleansing improves your digestion. The process of digesting food particles combines a mechanical and chemical process of transforming food into molecular level to be absorbed by the body. During the colon cleansing process, the supplements stimulate and tone the natural body secretions and functions of the stomach, pancreas, liver, intestines and also the colon so that digestion will be smooth.

The best method of determining whether the colon cleansing procedure is successful or not is to take a closer look into your overall health, and food practices. As an example, a colon cleanse product might have a strong laxative in addition to the normal cleansing agent that is only recommended for a short period of time. Furthermore, a colon cleanse that is administered with a product to get rid of intestinal parasites needs to be taken slower but for longer duration to take out fecal wastes including parasites and their eggs.

With the accumulation of fecal wastes, you may feel symptoms such as bloating, constipation, body odor, flatulence and stomach pain. When your colon cleansing is successful, those symptoms would disappear normally for two to three days since the fecal waste thatís causing them were flushed out. When your constipation and stomach ache is gone, it is suggested that your colon is cleaned. For some the procedure will take longer than the other methods based on the fecal buildup.

In this view, it can be harmful to follow the recommendations of the manufacturers because obviously they are biased. Listen to your body or at least consult an expert such as a dietitian or a nutritionist.

Sometimes, the toxins taken out from colon cleansing flows in the skin resulting from rashes, acne and flu-like symptoms. Only a medical doctor or a colon specialist can say whether a person should undergo a colon cleansing procedure or the normal side effects.

It is also wise to note that the toxins that are released and taken out may take time than the actual fecal buildup, thus it is not recommended to keep on using the same colon cleanser just to experience less lethargy or shinier hair. If you would wait for that time, it might lead to another health problem as too much laxatives in your body is not good.


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