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Importance of Colon Cleansing

Most health problems are attributed to an unhealthy colon. Thus, the demand for colon cleansing is booming in the recent years. However, this process is gaining controversy because some manufacturers claim that their product, aside from colon cleansing, can also help in losing weight and helps in avoiding certain kinds of cancer such as colorectal cancer or simply known as the cancer of the colon.

On the other side, some conservative doctors believe that colon cleansing is not necessary and can even cause harm in the digestive system. If you are interested to undergo a therapy, you should seek first the approval and the opinion of your family doctor so that you can ensure that the process you want to use is the most practical and safest among the available products in the market.

The most common form of a colon cleanse is colon irrigation or hydrotherapy. This method detoxifies the colon by flushing out and neutralizing the body toxins. In the simplest sense, hydrotherapy is an enema administered by a professional. Aside from toxic wastes, colon cleansing can also get rid of congestion and excess mucus that are have been trapped in the intestinal lining for years.

There are many benefits when you do a colon cleanse. Colon cleansing strengthens the immune system for better living. The colon is also a healthy environment for harmful bacteria and intestinal parasites that often lay eggs. This situation can weaken the immune system resulting to certain diseases.

The colon cleanse process can also reduce or even completely eliminate constipation. Since a poor diet deprives the body with essential vitamins and nutrients, intestinal linings will be accumulated with fecal wastes. It would be easier for wastes to flow into your system after a successful colon cleanse.

Colon cleansing also gives you enough energy for your daily needs. A person will naturally feel better. Some experts also claim that colon cleansing can help in avoiding cancer by flushing out harmful substances such as toxins.

Weight loss is another benefit of a colon cleanse. It also clears our skin impurities and improve complexion. When the colon is blocked with toxins, this also clogs up in the skin.

In hydrotherapy, a tube is inserted into the anus to fill up the colon with lukewarm distilled water. Toxins, with remains and toxic wastes which have accumulated in time are flushed out from the colon.

You can also take special supplements that are usually composed of herbs and nutrients. Oxy colon irrigation use oxygen powder or liquid to flush out toxins and waste by-products. This method gets rid of fecal waste from the colon.

However, as the years pass by without intervention and proper fiber diet, some of these fecal wastes gets accumulated in the colon and intestinal lining increasing the total body mass of the person by several pounds. It can also add to the bulky midsection of a person or commonly known as apple obesity or simply the dreaded beer belly.

A health professional such as a dietitian can help you with the information on these harmful effects. Also, you can find numerous online sources such as websites that offer information on different diagnosis, side effects and contraindications of many colon cleansers, herbs and synthetic supplements.

Once you are quite sure that a product is safe, that is you have consulted your doctor and read all necessary information, you are now ready to begin the process of colon cleansing.


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